Reception Makeovers

There are some special moments that you can only live once, feel once. Wedding is one of those, and you plan to take care of every bit in order to make it perfect. The first happy thought that pops up in the bride’s head is that she will be the prettiest self on her D-Day. This ultimately becomes a concern too because deciding the wedding day look is a hassle as there is just too much to take care of like the look you want to go for, the working ease with the makeup artist, the perfect products for your skin and so forth.

Just as this is over, the post-wedding ennui begins setting in. And before it could set in, there is the reception party. Now this comes with its own routine, there is a whole party to plan and a look to create. This is your first introduction as a bride, and you want to nail it. Well, who doesn’t? A significant part of it is again the bridal makeup for reception which is different from the wedding makeup look, in a sense that it’s usually not as heavy and bright. It is more of an evening party look but carries the oomph of being newly married, and that is a precarious balance.