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Christian Bridal Makeovers

The Christian weddings in India are a happy blend of Indian and Western customs.For a typical Indian Christian wedding,the bride does not always wear a white frothy gown. In most Indian Christian communities in the south, sarees are preferred as wedding attires instead of a gown.These sarees can be white or gold or beige in color. The most important detail of the wedding surely is the makeup and the hairstyle that blends perfectly with the attire. A clean face with a strong contour works best. The eyes are the essential feature here, with brides indulging their whims and going all-out with a dramatic liner cutting across the crease of the eye. A pop of colour on the lips, preferably matte, along with a dewy finish, helps paint an image of instant chic.The hair can be decorated with the hair accessories.The Christian brides sport a beautiful tiara or flowers in her hair to get an elegant look with the aforementioned ensemble.You can look through our instagram to glimpse through some of our best works in kerala