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We are always dedicated to make your better Version. We make sure that every bride here get what they aimed for. 

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They say a girl’s biggest dream is to not just become a bride but to look the most breath-taking bride ever. To nail that dream, every bride to be remains on a constant lookout for that perfect Indian bridal makeup look.We live in a world where everyday a new trend takes over.

The Christian weddings in India are a happy blend of Indian and Western customs.For a typical Indian Christian wedding,the bride does not always wear a white frothy gown. In most Indian Christian communities in the south, sarees are preferred as wedding attires instead of a gown.

A Muslim wedding is all about love, commitment and happily ever after. The traditional marriage ritual itself, is called a nikah in Arabic. The bride typically wears a bright-red ghaagra, a heavily pleated skirt with a long blouse embroidered in gold.

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A bride always wants to look most beautiful, elegant and gorgeous in her life’s ever best event. Yes, we at Sree Bridal Makeovers understand the expectations of a bride and her whole family along with her groom and his family to get the best makeup for her.


Like weddings, engagements are also a vital part of the whole marriage ceremony and this is the first time when bride meets the groom. This reason is itself capable for the demand of engagement makeup of the bride.


A significant part makeovers for reception which is different from the wedding makeover, in a sense that it’s usually not as heavy and bright.It is more of an evening party look but carries the oomph of being newly married, and that is balanced.


"SreeKumar is not a makeup artist, but a magician .. ever so subtly, she enhances one’s best features while gently making one’s flaws disappear. Her rich experience enables her to make any look possible. Thank you for your magic ."
"No one makes me feel more beautiful than Sreekumar. She makes me look like the best possible version of myself. She is extremely professional punctual and passionate about her work !!she is a masterclass in talent & humility."
Kavya Nair
"When Sreekumar does your face ..It’s like , she puts just enough to make you beautiful without hiding the texture of your skin. I have not looked more glowing and more beautiful , than with a touch of magic from Sree."